What the Professionals say about the Pelvic Wand

Dr. Margareta Paulitsch


“Training the pelvic floor muscle has been extremely frustrating for patients up until this point…often, it has been incorrectly explained, and then the training materials have been so disappointing I have actually thrown most of them away. I like the simple application method and the concrete concept of The Pelvic Wand for fast effectiveness. That’s why The Pelvic Wand is so highly accepted and there is a willingness to exercise … Women can do a lot for their health with it.”

Renate Anscheringer

Psychotherapist, M.A:

“From my work at a gynecological institute, I know the significance of a healthy pelvic muscle … If it hasn’t been sufficiently trained, health problems can occur such as menstrual difficulties, incontinence, and sexual problems. I speak from experience - because after just six weeks of “training” I can confirm that significant changes have taken place in terms of both health and sexuality …”

Dr. Elke Hessdörfer


“The Pelvic Wand enables women to get the best possible pelvic floor training.”

Suzanna König

General manager of BASK:

“I recommend that each woman become familiar with the pelvic muscles, understanding the vital functions it supports in life and how proper preventive measures can help avoid abdominal surgery and incontinence problems.”

Prof. Hademar Bankhofer:

”I’d like people suffering weakness to be able to experience quality of life. That’s why supporting the Pelvic Wand is an ideal measure to help against stress incontinence.”

What Happy Users say

Martina S. 28:

“My son is a few months old. It was a normal birth, but the problems started when I came home. I started losing urine when I picked him up out of the crib. And then when I finally had sex with my husband again, it didn’t even feel like he was inside me. Everything seemed to be so stretched out. Then my doctor recommended exercising daily with The Pelvic Wand. It worked – that’s for sure! I was able to alleviate the incontinence entirely and now I can feel everything when I’m intimate with my husband. To be perfectly honest, it’s wonderful to feel him inside of me. It was never this good even before giving birth.”

A. Pichler-Puchenjak. 62:

“Finally a device that trains the proper muscle. I have sex more often now, and I feel it so much more intensely. It’s because I’m simply more self confident. And my incontinence problems have drastically improved.”

Mei Ling S. 38:

“…I’ve been married for a long time. My husband is the first and only man I’ve ever had … he’s unbelievably sensitive and tender. I love being with him but I never had an orgasm. I think it bothered him more than me…he tried everything, including those so called sex toys and miracle remedies. I couldn’t take it any more. Then I saw an advertisement for the Pelvic Wand and ordered it immediately. Our sex life changed shortly after that …!”

Shereen S., 35:

“…I was so disappointed every time when my boyfriend was so exhausted, happy, and satisfied after sex and there I was, still hot and bothered and yearning for an orgasm, for some fulfilment. Why him all the time, and not me? He did always try – but was never successful. Whatever he tried – coming faster, getting me excited, or engaging in every conceivable type of foreplay – nothing worked. I could never come…and it irritated me whenever he tried to get close to me anyway, because I knew what he wanted – but what good did it do me? It only made me more disappointed and frustrated because I still couldn’t have an orgasm. So then I discovered this new product – The Pelvic Wand – and just the name of it made me curious. And this curiosity paid off… I found out more about it, and then started using The Pelvic Wand. And it worked, after just a few days! I ‘came’ like a rocket! And now we ‘get off’ almost every day. My life has totally changed!”

* The Pelvic Wand is distributed in the EU and selected UK outlets under the trade name COME (Clinical Orgasm Muscle Exerciser).

"At 45 I’m trying to maintain physical health for as long as possible but unfortunately my pelvic floor muscles didn’t seem as fit as the rest of me (as I found out when I started a skipping regime). The Pelvic Wand gave me great results within 3 weeks and now, thankfully, I can skip away without fear of any problems!"

Emma Roberts