Benefits Of The Pelvic Wand

Only the Pelvic Wand gives you this combination

  • The ‘butterffly effect’ shows that you are exercising the right muscle
  • Ideal elastic resistance to give you much more muscle strength with much less effort
  • Prevents pseudo muscle contractions often observed during isometric training
  • Crucially it both exercises and relaxes muscles for better control
  • Exercises muscle to exhaustion limit – gives you maximum benefit in shorter time period
  • Anatomically ideal shape
  • Comfortable, no pinching, hard edges, discomfort, wires, cords etc
  • Compact size makes it portable, discreet and easy to use
  • Superior quality, hygienic material and design
  • Small enough to pop in a handbag

Is this you or someone you know?

A Pichler-Puchenjak , 62:

“Finally a device that trains the proper muscle. I have sex more often now, and I feel it so much more intensely. It’s because I’m simply more self-confident. And my incontinence problems have drastically improved.”

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Strengthening the pelvic wall gives women all these benefits, and more, at once.

  • End the Embarrassment—from leaking urine or incontinence. Strong pelvic muscles give you control and an end to leaking.
  • End inconvenience – of nipping to the loo in the middle of a film, a meeting, a shopping trip and believing there is nothing you can do about your ‘weak bladder’
  • Don't Wait—until you have obvious problems before you to begin exercising your pelvic muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles make delivery easier and recovery faster. Even if you don't plan on getting pregnant soon; the sex, orgasm and health benefits can be yours now
  • Regain normal function after childbirth – get back control of your bladder, get back to good (often better!) sex, sense of well-being, within a short time
  • Avoiding Surgery —strong pelvic floor muscles prevents uterine and bladder prolapse, cystocele and rectocle and other complications of childbirth and aging. Avoid the expense, pain and complications of surgery by exercising your pelvic floor muscles.
  • It's about taking care of You—your body, your health, your pleasure, your relationship, your womanhood. Healthy pelvic muscles are literally the core of a woman's life long enjoyment of pleasure, joyful intimacy, and feminine health. Take care of yourself because you deserve to be the best you can be.
  • Better Sex—sex feels better, is more enjoyable and orgasms are easier and more intense. Multiple orgasms in quick succession become a regular experience for Pelvic Wand users. Enjoy the benefits of being tight and toned.
  • Have your first vaginal orgasm – your vagina expands during sex so many men can’t physically reach the G-spot but a tight pelvic floor means that he of ten can and woman have their first ever vaginal orgasm!
  • Increased Sex Drive—as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger so does your libido. Your increased confidence lets you relax and enjoy your sexuality. Sex becomes an expression of your femaleness instead of a chore.
  • Surprise Your Partner—pelvic muscle control not only gives you greater enjoyment, your ability to firmly “grip” your male partner lets you give him incredible pleasures too.
  • Intense G-Spot Orgasms—strong pelvic muscles cause your vagina to tightly hug the penis and give you the G-spot stimulation needed for intense G-spot and female ejaculation (squirting) orgasms.

What’s different and better about the Pelvic Wand?

We are bringing the Pelvic Wand to the UK after its success in Europe where it has been scientifically shown to improve muscles significantly more than Kegel exercise alone. (2.7 times more in just weeks, the studies are printed below). So it makes sense to get one and make your exercise more effective immediately.

Its pedigree couldn’t be better because the Pelvic Wand was invented by Dr Karl Stifter, a renowned Viennese clinical therapist, sex researcher and Honorary Professor. He holds a double-doctorate and authored numerous academic papers as well as books on the vaginal orgasm. After 25 years of clinical practice he knows the huge importance of a strong pelvic wall for every woman. So whether you want to stop incontinence or overall health, whether you are 36 or 76, Dr Stifter has invented a device that can transform lives.

Revolutionary training for the pelvic floor muscles

Dr Karl Stifter saw women suffering through many devices, methods, advice and exercises being ineffective: The problems he typically saw women encounter are:

  • Ineffective devices because they do not show a woman whether they are exercising the right muscle - 30% of women start by exercising the wrong muscle
  • Devices – and this includes the popular cones/weights - which involve only contracting the muscle. No gym exercise program would ever do this. In fact, the vaginal muscles also need relaxation to develop properly.
  • Too difficult or too time consuming. Many books or official advice would involve women in long periods of daily exercise (Arnold Kegel’s own book recommends 3x20 minutes a day; an hour!)
  • Exercises routines (relative lengths of contraction and relaxation) which are less than optimal for your vaginal wall/and exercising without something to resist. The result of this is a lot of effort but without very quick or visible results, often leading to women giving up altogether
  • Devices could also be expensive, cumbersome or complicated
  • Devices that are large, made of hard plastic and can pinch
  • Some electronic devices give feedback about the muscle but the muscle also needs a device with optimal resistance to make exercise optimally effective

His solution was the Pelvic Wand, a proven Kegel pelvic muscle trainer:

  • He selected a soft plastic material with the particular elastic resistance to quickly and efficiently build up the pelvic floor muscles
  • He rounded the shape it for a woman’s body
  • He put together a very specific duration/pattern of exercise repetitions that have been shown to work muscles more effectively than exercises often recommended
  • He included a built-in muscle indicator so you know its working for you

Right elastic resistance + shape + muscle indicator + right exercise = less effort, more effect

It is this particular combination that gives you a winning equation because: 1) you have the certainty you’re exercising the right muscle rather than wasting time on incorrect contractions and 2) it takes you less time and effort to really boost your muscle strength thanks to the material’s resistance and longer muscle contractions. So you get better results, quicker and are more likely to stay with the program and get the benefits as a result.

Also, Dr Stifter designed the wand to be created from very high-quality material and shaped it to fit the female contours comfortably. It is small, inserts like a tampon, is portable and inexpensive. No internal pinching or uncomfortable hard-edged materials. No wires, cables and complicated instructions. It is soft, snug and simple to use.

All importantly, it is scientifically demonstrated to be effective. Scientific studies have conclusively proven that using the Pelvic Wand for just a few minutes a day can significantly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and therefore increase the probability of achieving an orgasm as well as fight against incontinence, posture problems and postnatal discomfort. (See below for details). Don’t exercise into a void and waste time and effort.

The study also showed that the Pelvic Wand improved muscle relaxation (x 2.3). This is very important because some exercisers and devices only work on contracting the muscle. Traditional Kegels, say Dr. Stifter, just support endurance, on top of which there is no elastic resistance and no feedback about which muscle you are exercising. This is why the test results show the Pelvic Wand gives such improved results.

Equally, Dr. Stifter notes that devices such as cones work by permanently contracting your muscles around the cone. No gym would ever recommend that you exercise this way. Types and sequences of exercise also vary in efficacy. None of this is the case with the Pelvic Wand which is designed to give the pelvic floor muscle the balance needed for full pelvic functioning because it is vital for more control.

Dr Stifter also points out that the form of the wand and the fact women can see it working and relaxing the right muscle helps them develop a conscious awareness of themselves – something from his years of clinical therapy he knows to be an overlooked psychological element.

The Pelvic Wand is recommended by leading scientists, clinical doctors and specialists, and physical therapists.

Don't think this needs be difficult. Women often report the benefits of strengthening their muscles within just weeks of doing a few minutes’ daily exercise. And, because the pelvic floor provides support for so many functions strengthening it, gives you benefits in multiple areas of your life.

Restores your body after childbirth

  • Quickly restores normal functions after pregnancy
  • Stop sagging muscles
  • Regain control of peeing
  • Get back to better sex

Stop incontinence and frequent peeing!

  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Saves money on incontinence pads
  • End stress and embarrassment of incontinence

Better overall health and slimness

  • Improve posture
  • Improve support of bladder, anus, urethra, intestines
  • Improve sagging muscles
  • No running to the loo every hour
  • Reverse issues thought inevitable with ageing

Better sex

  • More intense orgasms
  • Stimulate your G-spot for perhaps the first time
  • Better sensation and control for you and your partner
  • Your first vaginal orgasm!

Better relationships

  • Increased self esteem
  • More passion and real intimacy
  • Saves and improves relationships

The six-minute miracle – at 24.99 you can’t afford to be without it

The rest of this report gives you more information on:

  • Getting fit to fight Incontinence
  • Getting fit after giving birth
  • Getting fit for better sex and relationships - Vaginal Orgasm for the first time!
  • Getting fitter and slimmer

1. Getting fit to fight incontinence

Finally, efficient and discreet help is here to help strengthen the all-important pelvic floor muscles!

The taboo topic of incontinence:

About 180 million women worldwide suffer from a “weak bladder” (urinary incontinence) which is treatable. One out of 10 women between the ages of 30 to 40 is affected, and for those over 40 the figure rises to 1 out or every 2 or 3.

This worrying figure could be even higher since many women don’t wish to admit to this problem. It can lead to severe psychological problems, with, in the worst cases, individuals becoming too insecure to leave the house. They avoid social contact, especially on an intimate level for fear of an “accident”. There are different forms of “bladder weakness”, including a mixture of several different types.

Dr. Stifter emphasises how important it is for women to exercise as they get older. The functioning of the Pelvic Wand described above (the all-round exercising and relaxation of muscles) is ideally suited to strengthening the pelvic floor to help with stress incontinence. Ideally, of course, prevention is better than cure so the earlier the better even if you are fortunate enough to have none of the issues mentioned in this document.

Women are most frequently subjected to so-called stress incontinence.

This term refers to the involuntary loss of urine brought on by a physical activity such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects or climbing stairs. Although the terminology incorporates the word stress, in this particular context it refers to physical strain.

The word incontinence is derived from the Latin word incontinere, which means “not hold together”.

In most cases this problem occurs in conjunction with pelvic muscles which have not been sufficiently developed and are therefore too weak.

Increased pressure in the abdominal area leads to increased stress on the pelvis. If the pelvis is too weak, the pressure in the urinary bladder is greater than the ability of the urethra to close, causing involuntary loss of urine. Additional changes in the pelvic muscles such as excessive stretching during childbirth amplify this effect.

Stress incontinence does not occur suddenly but generally occurs over the course of a few years. The first symptom can be, for example, pain in the small of the back which could mean that the uterus is beginning to lower. This becomes noticeable during long periods of standing and walking. Early signs of pelvic weakness can also manifest themselves in the form of discomfort in the pelvic area, especially when a person is tired after a long day. Daily routines which include sitting with a poor posture, lifting incorrectly and a lack of exercise can complicate the situation even further. Problems can occur more and more frequently if preventative measures are not taken.

The pelvic muscles consist of a muscle plate with layers similar to a woven basket which intertwine with each other. Only strong pelvic floor muscles are able to promote and maintain the correct position of the pelvic organs to function properly and strengthen the ability of the urethra to close. It should therefore be the goal of every woman to undertake targeted strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles – the sooner, the better.

Up until this point there was no effective way to discreetly train these muscles without great effort. Dr. Stifter’s extensive research and testing has finally come up with a device that trains these muscles with little effort.

Improve your pelvic floor muscles and enjoy a life free from the fear of stress incontinence.

2. Getting fit for orgasms, better sex and better relationships

My partner and I go from one orgasm to the next!

The probability of achieving an orgasm triples when the pelvic floor muscles are well trained!

Two-thirds of all women have vaginal orgasmic problems – too weak, too rare, never! This is a huge statistic and, of course, affects not just women but their partners and relationship. At least half of all women do not achieve an orgasm at all during sexual intercourse.

Most women are frustrated by the fact that they are able to achieve an orgasm through masturbation or petting – but not through sexual intercourse. The orgasm is not a voluntary act, but a reflex – the most wonderful type of reflex that the body has to offer. A reflex cannot occur on command, but can only occur when stimulation is consciously allowed. Orgasmic inhibitions are frequently caused by physical reasons which obstruct the achievement of an orgasm – and may even make it impossible. This experience can lead to spiritual, physical and relationship problems. Indeed, Dr. Stifter, as a therapist, underlines that it is not just physical but emotional, relationship and spiritual problems that are involved in sex. Orgasmic issues can involve Inhibitions, guilt and anxiety.

There is, confirms Dr. Stifter, a correlation between strength of the PF muscle and orgasm ability. Also he adds, the muscle affects sensory as well as motor functions so a strong muscle improves vaginal sensation and helps maintain the erectability of the penis. A strong pelvic muscle also causes a demonstrably stronger blood flow during sexual arousal. This facilitates lubrication and reduces dyspareunia.

Vaginal orgasm for the first time!

Dr. Stifter is well known in Europe for leading-edge research into the vaginal wall, credited in particular with research on the female G-spot. The G-spot can be found on the inside of the front vaginal wall. If the G-spot is successfully stimulated, an orgasm will be possible. The problem is that men often cannot reach the G-spot because of a weak pelvic floor in the woman; however, by exercising and strengthening their pelvic floor, many women tighten the vagina and, as a result, their man can reach the G-spot and finally give them vaginal orgasm. (As an interesting aside here, Dr Stifter’s research with South Amercian tribes has shown that the women – whose outdoor lifestyle means they have much stronger PF muscles than Western women – have never experienced problems with vaginal orgasm).

Some of our most touching testimonials tell us not just about the pleasure of feeling this for the first time but the profound effects on their emotional relationship, perhaps after years of marriage, of a husband being able to give his wife a vaginal orgasm.

Mei Ling S. 38:

“…I’ve been married for a long time. My husband is the first and only man I’ve ever had …he’s unbelievably sensitive and tender…I love being with him … but I never had an orgasm. I think it bothered him more than me…he tried everything, including those so called sex toys and miracle remedies…I couldn’t take it any more. Then I saw an advertisement for the Pelvic Wand and ordered it immediately. Our sex life changed shortly after that …!”

The vagina becomes significantly enlarged with increased sexual stimulation. The length increases by about 30% and so called “ballooning” and “tenting” effects result in an increased size in the width and the height. This enlargement results in the most important sensual area of the vagina, the G-spot, being only partially, if at all, stimulated due to the lack of contact with the penis. There is a significant difference if the vagina envelops the penis like a glove or only loosely surrounds it. The more the penis is able to stimulate the G-spot, the easier it is to achieve orgasm.

It is therefore up to the woman to specifically strengthen the vaginal muscle (also known as the PC muscle). If it is strong enough, it will fit the penis like a glove, so your man will have no problem in stimulating the G-spot and enabling orgasm to occur. Dr. Stifter has succeeded, through extensive tests and research, in developing a natural means of help, the Pelvic Wand, to strengthen the vaginal muscles and maximise the ability to achieve an orgasm.

The stronger the muscles, the more intensely your G-spot can be stimulated, and the stronger and more consistent your orgasms will be.

3. Getting fit instead of fat

Weak pelvic floor muscles lead to poor posture and the formation of an unsightly belly.

Weak pelvic floor muscles are frequently the cause of poor posture and a protruding abdomen. The role that the pelvic floor muscles play in incontinence, and the ability to achieve orgasm, is integral and very well documented. The additional impact it has on posture can sometimes be overlooked. Many forms of discomfort, such as pain and general dysfunction of the pelvic region, are rooted in poor posture.

Pain in the pelvic area can also affect the way a person stands or sits.

Statistics show that a neutral pelvis results in the weight being vertically distributed between the pubic bone at the top, down to the pelvic floor. If the angle of the pelvis is altered, the pressure on the pelvic floor is also changed. The pelvic floor muscle not only closes up the lower abdominal area, it is also an integral connection between the diaphragm, the stomach, spinal cord muscles and thighs. The condition of the muscle therefore affects posture.

Weak pelvic floor muscles caused by a lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor posture, a protruding stomach and excess abdominal fat which can in turn lead to chronic lower back pain if left uncorrected. Frequent reports indicate that back pain decreases dramatically when pelvic floor muscles are strengthened.

Therefore it is generally advisable for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to alleviate poor posture and thus avoid related problems.

It doesn’t take much imagination to feel how relieved a woman is to end the embarrassment and frustration of the issues above. But, what’s most touching about the testimonials we receive, from across Europe, is heartfelt thanks for the emotional benefits. A woman throws away incontinence pads and gets back her self-esteem and oomph. Or when we read how a husband could give his wife a vaginal orgasm for the first time after years of marriage and the profound effects on both of them. Guilt or resentment turn to ease and closeness.

It’s surprising that every woman isn’t encouraged to exercise her pelvic floor when you know its importance.

Imagine the muscles are a little like a hammock, slung between the pelvis and coccyx that support all the internal organs above – bladder, uterus, anus, intestines and, as a result, their functions from bladder control to vaginal contraction. Which is why a strong pelvic floor gives you such multiple benefits. It is also why weaknesses create such variable issues. Many of us have weak muscles through sedentary lifestyles and sitting hours at a computer but have never given a thought to what this could be causing. Fascinatingly, for example, some 50% of women do not experience vaginal orgasm, and suffer problems of esteem and relationships as a result. The pity is they accept the situation and do not realise their whole life could change drastically for the better by strengthening the pelvic floor (see below).

Dr. Margareta Paulitsch: Gynecologist:

“Training the pelvic floor muscle has been extremely frustrating for patients up until this point…often, it has been incorrectly explained, and then the training materials have been so disappointing I have actually thrown most of them away. I like the simple application method and the concrete concept of The Pelvic Wand for fast effectiveness. That’s why The Pelvic Wand is so highly accepted and there is a willingness to exercise … Women can do a lot for their health with it.”

The Pelvic Wand’s female friendly design makes it the "Kegel" pelvic exerciser you will enjoy actually using to do our "Kegels" and become a Kegel master:

  • Easy to Use—the feminine form fitting shape is easy to insert and use. The Pelvic Wand can be used while sitting, lying down or standing.
  • Convenient and Discreet—you can use the Pelvic Wand anywhere - while in bed, in the bathroom, sitting at the computer. Its compact self-contained design makes it easy take along.
  • Confidence—the built in indicator lets you see you are doing your “Kegels” correctly and training your pelvic muscles properly.
  • Comfortable—the Pelvic Wand is shaped to fit you perfectly and is made from hygienic medically approved allergy free elastic materials. Nothing to pinch you and no springs or knobs to lose.
  • Effective—the Pelvic Wand's elastic resistance comfortably and efficiently exercises your pelvic muscles; quickly building your strength and control.
  • Hygienic—simply wash with soap and water after use.
  • Quick Results—a few minutes of regular training is all you need to feel noticeable results within a couple of weeks

The 6-minute squeeze - carry it in your purse!