The Pelvic Wand from Salveo Wellness

This scientifically proven little device, the Pelvic Wand*, is new to the UK and should be in every woman’s handbag because we should all strengthen our pelvic floor – please don’t think it’s just after childbirth or for incontinence problems. Why? Because it supports all our organs yet many of us have weak muscles (without knowing it) from sitting at a desk or a sedentary lifestyle. And the benefits are so diverse – from better bladder control to having your first vaginal orgasm.

Just 6 minutes a day and under £25 to a new life

Is this you or a friend?

  • Irritated by a ‘weak bladder’ and nipping to the toilet too often?
  • Suffering postnatal discomfort?
  • Stress incontinence or involuntary leaking of urine?
  • Do you have ageing, sagging muscles or poor posture, perhaps lower back pain?
  • Problems getting vaginal orgasm (50% of women do)?
  • Want to improve sexual sensitivity, control, passion or your relationship?

Yes. All these issues for women from 18 to 85 can be helped with a strong pelvic floor. It’s such an important issue – and the hidden cause of such misery - that we’ve prepared a comprehensive report on it. Reading this will help you or a woman you know.

Proven to be nearly 3x more effective than doing the same Kegel exercise alone

We have brought the Pelvic Wand to the UK because of its huge success in Germany and Austria where it was developed by the world-renowned clinical therapist Dr. Karl Stifter specifically because of the limitation of current devices, difficulty with exercises and lack of good advice, often even from professionals. It would be difficult to find someone who understands much more about the pelvic wall than Dr. Stifter as this article will show.

Dr. Elke Hessdörfer: Urologist:

“The Pelvic Wand enables women to get the best possible pelvic floor training.”

Only the Pelvic Wand has all these advantages

  • Scientifically proven that exercising with the Pelvic Wand gives nearly 3 x results better results than the same exercises without it (so it’s a no-brainer to use it!)
  • University research shows users were very satisfied with results in both incontinence and sex issues
  • In-built mechanism ensures you use the RIGHT muscle (important when you realise 30% of women exercise the wrong muscle)
  • Ideal elastic resistance to give you stronger muscles with less time and effort!
  • Exercises muscle to exhaustion limit – gives you maximum benefit in shorter time period
  • Insert like a tampon, pop it in your handbag, use anywhere
  • Small, snug, portable, comfortable, easy to use, pop I your handbag
  • No pinching, hard edges, discomfort, wires, cords etc
  • Inexpensive. Effective. Best value for price

Just six minutes a day to:

  • Build strength after childbirth √
  • Build strength to prevent incontinence √
  • Build strength for a fitter, slimmer tummy √
  • Build strength for better sex √

The six minute miracle – change your life in the time it takes to make a cup of tea